Several years ago, I used to watch television, much as I do now, only moreso. Experiencing the amazing experience of cable, I duely also experienced more advertisments than I thought possible. Perhaps as a result of this, one day I exclaimed at a particularly awful ad, "Badvert!" Which I rather liked, and did so at every new badvert I identified. From this grew goodvert, as an antithesis, and then more specialist terms, such as oddvert and then oldvert. And since the creation of this site, notbadvert, for when I probably wouldn't have classified it before, but have done so here, for the sake of content.
So what's this site all about? Well, as you may have guessed, it's about adverts, and how I rate them, in particular. Every time I remember and can be bothered, I'll add in an ad, give my judgement, perhaps a small comment or review, and then open it up to public voting, and we can see if you agree with me are right or not. And while we're here, when you're voting, try to think of that advert compared to others. 3 is the average advert, 1 is terrible, 5 is superb, etc etc. Not just "I don't like adverts", and awarding 1 to everything. Ta.

Vote Note


Since the beginning of AdLab, it would seem that everyone who votes is extremely stingy with their praise. When you're voting, remember that an advert that invokes no particular emotion in you when you see it is a '3', because you didn't go "Yay" and you didn't go "Boo", thus, middling. It's not a '1' because you went, "I want to watch my program." I mean the Honda advert, the one with all the little bits of car doing a mousetrap stylee sequence of events, wheels rolling uphill and the such. It was really well liked by everyone, and get lots of good press. But you, the voter, have deemed it worthy of a '2', i.e. "I don't really like it."
So, come on, be more generous, you tight fisted misers.

1 - "I dislike this advert - it makes me angry."
2 - "I don't really like this advert."
3 - "I am indifferent towards this advert"
4 - "I like this advert."
5 - "I very much like this advert - it makes me happy."
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